Summer Reading.


One of the (many) things I don’t miss about high school (the first of which is, of course, high school) has to be the summer reading assignments. It always seemed that the books assigned by the English teachers for the previous year’s students were hands-down more fun to read than the ones our class was assigned.

For example: among the six books we were assigned one summer were Gulliver’s Travels, North from Rome (bet you never heard of that one), and every schoolboy’s favorite book he loves to hate, The Scarlet Letter. The class a year ahead of us had, among their list, Dracula, Von Ryan’s Express, and Edna Ferber’s Cimarron (nobody reads that anymore – and it’s a great book!). The only book both classes had in common was A Separate Peace….and I understand that one’s still on the list, especially after sophomore year.

But, gentle reader, if you want to see our summer reading, just take a look at our “Job Openings:” no Cliff Notes required – and a darn sight more entertaining than The Scarlet Letter


Happy Hunting,


Tim McGrath